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Sermon Archives
  1. Provoked To Produce The Promise
    If you’re waiting on GOD and your Prayers seem to go must listen to this Message!
  2. The End Is Not The End Of It
    If you’re at the end of your rope...this is a Word to help you hold on. IT’S NOT OVER!!
  3. TAG TEAM (Pastors Gainey) You Can't Kill What GOD Has Anointed
    TAG TEAMING the enemy! If you feel like all hope is’ll find hope in this Message!!
  4. Running On Empty - Part 1
    If life has you tired and need a Word to press forward...this Word’s for you!
  5. Running On Empty - Part 2
    If you feel like you’re running on fumes and want to give up...this Word will Spiritually revive you.
  6. Loose And Let Me Go
    If you have been bound for years and need a Breakthrough...this is a Word for you.


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